Be DAREful

The following is a guest post by Jen Whalen of True North Adventures, an organization designed to help women get back into alignment with their authentic selves through intentional outdoor experiences. In April of 2018, TNA will take a group of DAREful women to Costa Rica for a week-long surf, yoga, and self-care immersion.

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"How to be DAREful" by Jen Whalen 

As I lowered down off of a recent gym climb, I smiled, feeling that familiar surge of energy… pumped forearms, rapid heartbeat.  As my swollen, chalky fingers fumbled with untying my knot, I said to my belayer, “Good thing I mock-led that one as I was falling all over the place!” She laughed in disbelief and said, “You didn’t fall once! Are you serious?!?”

I was serious. I barely believed I could climb that challenging route when I grabbed the first hold 10 minutes earlier.  Kilian and I were just “monkeying around” with the possibilities on the far edge of my climbing ability as we waited for our climbing instructor to finish up with another pair, so I went for it.  From my perspective, I thought I hacked my way up it and fell off several times along the way. However, my belayer, who was intentionally observing for feedback regarding clipping and body positioning, witnessed me sticking the whole thing.  I let myself really go for it on a climb I would usually have walked right past, and despite my efforts to sabotage it by not owning the achievement, I actually did it!!!  I thought I had a good sense of my learning edge, (what was possible and what was beyond my reach) but as I’m noticing  in other areas of life as well, perhaps that isn’t always accurate…


As I sat down to write about the experience afterward,  two strong questions came through, “What would my life look like if I let myself really fucking go for it as I did on that last climb?  AND What would it look like if I surrounded myself with a loving community that held me accountable for living in this way?” I noted areas where I was willing to take more risks and would likely see “bigger” results (as was the case with the climbing route that evening). However, the other areas on the list involved “big” inner risks like trusting my wise Inner Knowing and following her lead instead of hiding out in what is comfortable, saying NO more often, and prioritizing more time/space for excellent self-care, etc.


We have hundreds of choices throughout our day in which we can be DAREful and live in alignment with our heart.  It’s not always the big, impressive feats of obvious boldness and badassery that matter most… it’s also all the little ways we’re taking the time to show up for ourselves and live in alignment with our souls. Life definitely looks differently when I really let myself go for it.  My YESes are clear and feel like empowered choices where I’ve intentionally engaged with the adventure of my life.  And the Sacred NOs feel equally as clear.  I’m not backpedaling on what I need or want when other people’s priorities scream louder.  Instead, I’m listening deeply to the wisdom of my body and Soul and honoring that Inner Knowing instead of constantly calibrating my life by the expectations, shoulds and unsolicited, often fear-based advice of others.  


In April, we’re taking these same experiential practices of DAREful living from the mountains to the beach with our week-long surf/yoga/Self care immersion in beautiful Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.  If you’re curious to learn more about this amazing adventure, click here. (link:   What would being DAREful look like in your life? Whether its joining us in Costa Rica or saying YES to another beautiful adventure, it’s my deepest hope you’ll experiment with making tiny changes that support you in living more DAREfully today.  This is where the magic is at, and I would be honored to join you in the rising tide of women holding each other accountable for “going for it” in this way.  


Curious to learn more? Set up an exploration call with Jen at JEN@SEEKTRUENORTH.COM