Cultivate the Future

We shouldn't yearn for what might have been, nor should we lose ourselves in mistakes of the past. Hindsight seems to offer the clearest vision, and we are easily drawn into its myopic lens. Time spent ruminating on unhatched eggs negatively affects our present, and our future. When we realize the formative purpose of all stages in life, we are able to concentrate less on our past, and more on the cultivation of our future. 

Rapidan, VA 2015

Rapidan, VA 2015

Take Root and Thrive

Sometimes we may feel lost, alone, hesitant, or weak.

Other times we may experience insecurity or disappointment.

In these moments, we should focus our awareness inwardly, back to our origins, our roots, and firmly grasp our foundations.

For when we self reflect, we acknowledge the truths behind our emotions.

After turning our attentions inward, we will discover that, while we may seem to be misplaced, we truly are strong, resilient, and full of life.

- Everthrive