Hi! I'm Ali. I live in Fort Collins with my husband Josh and our dog, Chauncey. We love seizing meaningful experiences, whether they be solo, canine-accompanied, or with family and friends. Our little family challenges ourselves each day to be better people than the day before (Chauncey is continually refining the arts of fetching and begging). However, we've found it's very difficult to be self-aware, present, and grateful while living with the expectations of our self-constructed worlds.  

I created Everthrive as a response to the increasing pace, materialism, and detachment of today's society. I'm particularly interested in combating today's extreme reliance on technology and social media. Through words and photos, I bring awareness to the importance of living simply, healthfully, and authentically. I want to show others what I've discovered: life can be better lived when we slow down and focus on what is truly important. 

In addition to managing Everthrive, I also help others create compelling content for websites, campaigns, and social media ventures. 

To inquire about content, collaboration, freelance opportunities, or if you just want to say Hi!, send me an email: ali.cornish@everthrive.org

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